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Alimony Attorney from Charlotte

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How do you know if you qualify for alimony?


Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is a payment made by one spouse to the other during and after a divorce. Whether you are eligible to receive alimony depends on several factors, including the length of your marriage, your income levels, and any disabilities that may affect either spouse’s ability to work. If you are considering a divorce, consulting with a Charlotte alimony attorney can help you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to receiving or paying spousal support.


In Charlotte, North Carolina, alimony is typically awarded if the marriage was of long duration and if one spouse has been financially dependent on the other. Courts will also consider the earning ability of each spouse, along with their relative assets and debts. If one spouse is unable to support themselves due to a disability or illness, they may be entitled to receive alimony even if the marriage was only of short duration. It's important to note that North Carolina courts consider any period of separation when looking at the length of the marriage. You will want to consult Waple & Houk, PLLC a family law firm in Charlotte to fully understand what your chances of alimony are and what your case will look like.


Alimony can be awarded on a temporary basis during the divorce process, or it may be ordered as a non-modifiable, long-term payment. The purpose is to provide financial support to enable a spouse to maintain their standard of living after the divorce.

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