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Monthly Archives : January 22, 2015

In need of a Family Law Attorney in Clearwater, FL?

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The family is the basic unit of society. Sometimes you might run into matter that requires the help of a family law professional. Whether you are a child, a parent, a couple or a single person, family law attorneys in Clearwater, FL can help. Family law attorneys specialize in handling matters such as juvenile issues, drafting and advising on prenuptial agreements before marriage, divorce, child protection rights and children seeking emancipation.
Family law matters are very sensitive. That is why you should tread carefully when looking for a family law attorney. At the Law Firm for Family Law, they have attorneys with proven track records in dealing with matters that touch on the family law. These lawyers operate from the Clearwater and you can see them at any time. The attorneys’ credentials are readily available for your perusal. It is the firm’s primary role to ensure that you are comfortable and confident that the assigned attorney will deliver a desired outcome.

DUI, Criminal Defense

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A DUI offense is treated as stern as any other criminal fault in the US. People who get DUI usually face many penalties that a
DUI might pose. The penalties may be both short term and long term impact on your professional life and your personal life

Actually a DUI can affect your life working in greatly. You will lose your present job and find it hard to find another job. You might unavoidably require disclosing your DUI to your present employer since you are required to appear before the court ordered classes on alcohol education during the working hours. This leads to the loss of jobs and loss of income as a result, no matter how competent you are at your job. But, if you choose a lawyer who specializes in criminal law, you will be able to prove your innocence in court. A Criminal Defense lawyer professional can fight for your rights and draw a conclusion to the case. They can be found at Lotze Mosley LLP.

Business Litigation Attorneys Van Ette Suzumoto & Sipprelle

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Business litigation law firm Van Ette Suzumoto & Sipprelle Los Angeles is dedicated to offer quality representation to those individuals and corporations who are faced with frequent disputes. They have all what it takes to make a difference and enable individuals get their rightful representation due to their wide knowledge base in business litigation laws. Among the issues that they handle include issues that relate to negligence, civil appeals, bankruptcy litigation, insurance claims, collection matters, Real estate and construction disputes among many others. They have been practicing business litigation laws for over 30 years and hence have garnered up sufficient experience to offer you quality service.

Ideally, the best way to avoid business disputes is through proper execution. Van Ette Suzumoto & Sipprelle is adept in filing all the lawsuits. They work on one to one basis to enable each and every individual get the best service that is highly tailored to suit their individual needs. Contact them today for free consultation of your case.