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Monthly Archives : August 15, 2023

A Truck Accident Attorney in Irvine

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If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is essential that you obtain legal representation from an experienced Irvine truck accident attorney to help you navigate the legal process. An experienced attorney will thoroughly review your case to determine how best to proceed and protect your rights. With their knowledge of local laws and regulations, they can provide invaluable insight into the complexities of truck accident cases. They can also assist in negotiations with insurance companies and aim to secure the maximum possible compensation for your injury-related expenses.


A skilled Irvine truck accident attorney will understand the seriousness of your situation and work diligently to help you find justice. They are dedicated to helping you pursue a favorable outcome, so it is important that you choose to hire the Irvine personal injury law firm, Hanning Sacchetto, LLP to get you through your case.


The attorneys at Hanning Sacchetto LLP a personal injury law firm in Irvine are passionate about helping injury victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve. They understand that the aftermath of a truck accident can be overwhelming and they are committed to providing personalized, attentive legal guidance throughout the entire legal process. They will fight to ensure your rights are protected while you focus on healing from any injuries you may have sustained.


After you have been injured in a truck accident, it is so important to contact a lawyer, but also make sure to get your injuries looked at by a medical professional. Your health is as important, if not more than the legal representation.

Hiring an Arizona Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Legal / August 2, 2023 / No Comments

What is a semi-truck accident and how does it differ from a truck v truck accident?


A semi-truck accident is an automobile collision involving a semi-truck, trailer, or other large vehicle. Semi-trucks are typically 18 wheelers and carry large loads of cargo on highways and roads in Arizona. These vehicles have the potential to cause extensive property damage when involved in a crash.


Unlike a traditional truck v truck accident, semi-truck accidents often involve multiple vehicles and can have a variety of causes. This includes driver fatigue or distraction, mechanical failure, hazardous weather conditions, improper loading or maintenance of the cargo, and more. Additionally, the sheer size of these large vehicles also makes them particularly dangerous when involved in an accident.


If you were involved in a semi-truck accident you will want to hire a lawyer sooner than later. Be sure to call Hit By A Truck Call Chuck an Arizona truck accident law firm. They are a law firm that only takes on truck accident cases. They are experienced and dedicated to getting the compensation you deserve. They understand that semi-truck accidents can be a traumatic experience, and they will be with you every step of the way.


Hire an Arizona semi-truck accident attorney today to help protect your rights following such an accident. With their extensive legal knowledge and experience, they can help you get the compensation you need to recover. Don't wait another minute and contact Hit By A Truck Call Chuck, the Arizona truck accident law firm for a free consultation about your case today. They are ready to fight for justice on your behalf!