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Learn more about Spousal Support

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A divorce brings in quite a lot of matters for you to understand, and one of the major ones is the spousal support which is a major component of a divorce.

The decision by the judge
The first and foremost step is the decision taken by the judge whether or not you should get spousal support or not. The second decision has a tube made on the person receiving the support and the one providing it. And the decision has to come absolutely from the judge about the amount, receiver and many such things.

The factors judge may consider
The requirement

The first thing the judge is going to look into is the need of getting spousal support. The recipient’s financial status is evaluated by the judge and then a decision is taken. If a person is capable enough to earn his or her own needs then the decision will be affected accordingly. Also if the person holds an asset which can be used to meet up the requirements then also the decision would be affected. Of course, the determinants here are the length of marital relationship and the other prevailing circumstances.

The payer’s ability
The one who is directed to pay the support is also evaluated by the court. And for this, the savings, the income, the assets held by the person is checked and verified.

The period of marriage
For the marriage which could survive for less than two years or for two years then also, the judge will certainly not penalize the payer to give off “permanent spousal support”. In fact, there is a high possibility that the judge would not ask to make any payment at all.

It depends on the kind of living standard a couple has been maintaining for a prolonged period of their marriage. Based on the same, the judge is going to make a decision on the amount of spousal support.

Health Conditions and age
If the recipient is above 50 and she or he has never worked before then one can expect a better and higher support from the payer.

Spousal support is never a one-way journey. When a judge makes a decision on the amount of support he has to evaluate the situation of both the ex-spouses. And there is a variety of factors which play a big role and work as determinants for the amount of support being paid.

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