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Dog Bite Injuries

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Some dogs are very well mannered and rarely bark at anybody and they pretty much get along with anyone but some are aggressive and viscous and can end biting someone.

There are laws that are intended and designed to aid dog bite victims. They are referred to as Strict Liability Laws. In detail the rules say that if an individual owns a dog or has responsibility for a dog, and that dog bites another person, he or she is responsible for the injuries caused by that dog. There are some variations and exceptions to that rule but that is the general rule in the state of California.

If you are the victim of a dog bite, the first thing you need to do is to identify who is the individual responsible for the care and maintenance of that dog. Once you identify the dog owner, seek legal advice at Triebsch & Frampton, APC, a dog bite law firm located in Central Valley.

Triebsch & Frampton, APC are located in Central Valley, California. 


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