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A Father’s Rights Lawyer in Los Angeles

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There is this common misinterpretation on the law when it comes to children and their father’s. Many people believe that fathers are not given the rights to their children and that mothers are almost always given full custody with no second thought. This is not that case, if the father is a good standing person and does not threaten the child’s safety, it is more beneficial for the child to have a relationship with their father. Land Legal Group are a family law firm in Los Angeles, who really believe that a child needs a father in their life. They are a law firm that wants to ensure that the child gets what is best for them, and often times that is having a healthy relationship with their dad. It is true that often times a mother does tend to get more custody or visitation, but that is because often times the mother is the more prominent caregiver to the children.


Just because the mother cared for the children at home more, does not mean that the father should have no rights. Your Los Angeles father’s rights lawyer will be sure to showcase what you did do as a father. Even if the mother does get more custody, it is still so very important that the father is given some custody to allow him to grow that bond with his children. Do not settle in a child custody case, if you feel like you were not properly given the time you need, be sure to call a Los Angeles father’s rights attorney. Land Legal Group will help you know what rights you do have, and help you ensure that your rights are protected. Be sure to be very clear what you are looking for with your attorney so they can get you as close to what you are after as possible. A child having a relationship with both of their parents is so important.

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