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Reckless Driving

Virginia has some of the toughest reckless driving laws in the country.

  A wide variety of driving behavior, some seemingly harmless, can result in a charge of reckless driving.  The penalty for a reckless driving can be severe and may include large fines and even time in jail.  There are other consequences including a loss of license points and license suspensions, and there are always collateral life consequences not directly imposed by the court. 

  Sometimes a reckless driving               charge can be defeated altogether and you can avoid the consequences of having a misdemeanor on your record.   Even if a reckless driving charge cannot be defeated altogether, there are a variety of tools and options, depending on the specifics of your case, that an experienced defense attorney can use to help minimize the negative effect of a reckless driving charge on your life.

Contact the reckless driving attorneys at Woolley Stout PLLC for a free personal consultation and we will discuss the facts of your case and work with you to develop an aggressive strategy to protect your rights and your interests. 

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