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Missed Court Dates

Find Out What Happened

When you miss a criminal or traffic court date, you will either be tried in your absence or an arrest warrant will be issued for your failure to appear.  To find out which, call that court's Clerk's Office or visit the Virginia Courts Website where you can look up your own case information.   

Regardless of what happened in your absence, you may want an attorney to help you understand your options going forward.  The following are some of the possibilities:


There is a right to appeal General District Court decisions to the corresponding Circuit Court.  Appeals must be filed in person or by an attorney and must be filed
within 10 days of the date of conviction. 

Motion to Rehear

There is no right to a rehearing.  These motions are wholly at the judge's discretion and are commonly denied.  A Motion to Rehear must be filed within 60 days of conviction.  Filing such a motion does not extend the 10 day time limit for appeals. 

If the motion is granted, a new trial will be scheduled.  If the motion is denied, the conviction remains final. 

Arrest Warrant

If an arrest warrant has been issued, there are steps that can be taken to avoid making things worse, such as a motion to withdraw the warrant.  It is best to contact an attorney who can help protect your rights in such a circumstance.  

Act Now

Failure to promptly address your failure to appear in court can result in a harsher penalty, damage to your credibility, arrest, license suspension, and more.  As time passes your options become increasingly limited so it is important not to delay.

Click here for information on the charge of Failure to Appear or contact Blitz Legal to speak with an attorney about exercising your options and protecting your rights.  
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